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Beeveejay strives to deliver following benefits to it’s distributor partners:
‘One-stop-shop’ providing a large and expanding product range through links with several reputable manufacturers.
Highly Competitive pricing. We have worked in some of the most price sensitive countries and fully understand the weighting of this factor.
Quality – we have taken a number of steps to ensure that our product range meets suitable quality standards. This is equally as important as pricing for long term business.
Experience of ‘turn-key’ projects which is advantageous for certain institutions & aid projects.
Marketing assistance and support. ‘On the ground’ assistance and advise for successful launch of products. This is usually by co-participation in key exhibitions, occasionally with personnel from manufacturers.
Training & Backup for Equipment and Installation. We have qualified technicians for our product range who provide this service ‘on the ground’.
Facilitation of Registration and provision of relevant certificates where necessary.